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All Frequently Asked Questions

    A: Enjoy the clan as you wish, you don't have to come to all events, come and go as you choose, real life comes first. It is expected that leaders (NCO's and Officers) attend as much as possible however. We are casual.

    A: Play the game! Our promotions are primarily based on your contributions to the community; which means if we see you hanging around with the boys, playing Hell Let Loose on casual servers, training or battles - we'll notice you and you'll rise the ranks with ease!

    A: Browse in Medals and Awards  - and then use the format to apply. You can gain medals and badges over time to make your community profile look awesome and gain a reputation in our unit for skilled game play, service and commitment. Some awards are also awarded without application.


    Captain | Cpt.
    Lieutenant | Lt.
    2nd Lieutenant | 2nd Lt.
    Sergeant Major of AIF| SGM.
    Warrant Officer Class I | WO1.
    Warrant Officer Class II | WO2.
    Staff Sergeant | SSGT.
    Sergeant | SGT.
    Corporal | CPL.
    Lance Corporal | LCPL. 
    Private | PTE.
    Recruit | REC.
    Sapper | SPR. (Equiv. PTE)
    Trooper | TPR. (Equiv. PTE)
    Bombardier | BDR. (Equiv. CPL)
    Lance Bombardier | LBDR. (Equiv. LCPL)

    A:No, we are more of a community than just a clan. You'll be moved to the reserve company where you will be able to eventually play the game with us again. You can also declare leave by visiting the leave broad of the forum. You can also voluntary move to the reserves whilst retaining rank. You socialise and use the forums but don't play the game.

    A: Yes. You are welcome to come back after (4) weeks of being kicked however you will lose all rank and privileges, awards will remain as they are earned.

    A: You'll need to acquire a Basic Training Certificate at one of our basic training events. These take place on Monday at 7:30pm AEST (8:30pm AEDT) and Thursday at 8:00pm AEST or (9:00pm AEDT), as listed in #deleted-channel We're not one of those units that do it for three hours and make you stand there in a monotone voice. It's short and sweet. We just need to make sure the job is done the right way.

    A: Visit the calendar on the website or schedule on discord.

    A: You will be assigned to a company based on your region. OC - Alamein, NA - Beersheba, EU - Tobruk.

    A:The Z Special Unit recruits on a referral only basis. Members of the AIF are selected and asked to join the unit, they are then voted in. They are role models, highly skilled at the game and the most professional members of our community.

    A:The Australian Armoured Corps are deployed in armoured vehicles and devastate the enemy with fire and movement. You can apply after 3 weeks in the 
    Infantry and the rank of Private.

    A:Generally speaking everyone enters as a Rifleman, after achieving the rank of Private you can talk to your Section Commander about specialising in different roles. This is given on a competency and need basis.