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  1. Jacob Riela

    Handbook is still under creation! Beta: The Tobruk Company Handbook Release Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019
  2. Jacob Riela

    Hello Allied Imperial Force, My name is Jacob Riela, and I was recently recruited into the AIF from the 42nd Combat Brigade with Squad. I am here to create a Platoon, for Squad, that is competitive and discipline in everything they do, and my goals are first to grow the Platoon into Two Squads then conduct training so they are well prepared for what is thrown at them. To Accomplish these goals I need your help, so if you know anyone from North America that plays in Squad please refer them to me, so I can conduct application process and also tryout period. About me though, I am 19 years old in the United State Army Infantry. I am going to be joining ROTC to become an Officer for the Army, but also get my Computer Science degree as a Major and as a Minor get Spanish, so I can join the FBI as an Cyber security Agent. If you have any question for me, please feel free to ask, Thank you!! Sincerely, Jacob Riela SGT Tobruk Company Sorry for my Grammar and Spelling