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  1. Boohisski

    Welcome Jacob, great to see you here. Look forward to being on the frontlines with you.
  2. Welcome members of the 1st Platoon | 1st Section Please see below for our current roster and latest news & updates. Current Roster (As of 03/11/2019) ***Please be aware that these are placeholders for now until rosters/roles are finalised*** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Squal Lead (Sec-co) - CPL Boohisski *Role Name* (Section 2IC) - Support - Assault - Medic - Engineer - Machine Gunner - Anti-Tank - Automatic Riflemen - Riflemen - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules of the Section: Don't be a dick. Follow Your Section Commander or 2IC instructions at all time. Must be using discord in the room specified by the Sec-co or 2IC. Feel free to PM the Sec-co or 2IC at any time if you have any quesitions/feedback. Please do not contact the platoon commanders directly. Please be aware what type of radio discipline that is being used in-game. (Relaxed / Combat) When reading the latest section news -which will be replies below- please acknowledge that you have read and understood by reacting on each piece of news (Including this one) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Boohisski

    Welcome to the Australian Imperial Force Please head to the Introductions and introduce yourself to our community! We're excited to have you, here are some tips to get your journey with us started! We recommend you join discord with the same name as this whilst your Application Admin assigns you tags. Read the FAQ's! Head over to the FAQs channel and familiarise yourself with our most often asked questions! Check our Calendar! Check the Calendar  for a full list of our optional events & battles, please click Going to attend! Request your Introductory Training! This isn't mandatory - but if you want to learn your way around the community, respond in this thread 'I request Introductory Training' You will be contacted in your PM by your section leader soon Waiting on assignment and acceptance from Company Commander: @
  4. Boohisski

  5. Boohisski

    Hi Guys, Names Boohisski (Boo is fine). 34 years old and been gaming since I can remember, first gen FPSr. I've always been a huge militory history fan (especially WW2). I am pretty easy going but also honest, I will tell you how it is. Always up for chat if you need. Look forward to working with you all over the next few months.